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BBS-Third Year(TU Four Years)Business Law Question Paper 2073

BBS-Third Year(TU Four Years)Business Law Question Paper 2073 

Full Marks: 100 | Time: 3 hrs.

Group “A” – Brief Answer Questions [10 X 2 = 20]
Attempt ALL questions.
1. What is substantive law?
2. What is consideration?
3. When communication of offer completes?
4. State four legal effects of agreements with minor.
5. Why minors are incapable?
6. Give three differences between coercion and undue influence.
7. State any two situations of legality of object.
8. Give two differences between a contingent contract and a wagering agreement.
9. State the requisites of a valid tender to perform.
10. What is arbitration?
Group “B” – Descriptive Answer Questions [5 X 10 = 50]
Attempt FIVE questions.
11. Define law and explain its characteristics.
12. Who is the finder of lost goods? Explain the rights and duties of a finder.
13. What is a sub-agent? Distinguish it from a substitute agent.
14. Explain the rules regarding the performance of contract of sale of goods.
15. Define promissory notes and distinguish it from bill of exchange.
16. What is a contract of guarantee? Explain the types of guarantee.
Group “C” – Analytical Answer Questions [2 X 15 = 30]
Attempt any TWO questions.
17. Define consideration and explain its types. Discuss the rules regarding consideration.
18. What is contractual capacity? Discuss the circumstances in which incapable persons are liable,
19. Who is arbitrator? What are the rights and duties of an arbitrator? How an award given by an arbitrator can be made void? Discuss.

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